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Here Are Ways You Can Help People During Hurricane Harvey

Here Are Ways You Can Help People During Hurricane Harvey As our hearts break for Houston, the Gulf Coast, and other affected areas, here are ways to contribute. by DAN SOLOMONAUGUST 27, 2017 The TEXAS MONTHLY  Andrew White helps a neighbor down a street after rescuing her from her home in the upscale River Oaks neighborhood […]

Want to increase diversity in the neuroscience of meditation?

Participate in the first community-based neuroscience study between EBMC and UCSF called the EMBODY study.  We are looking for diverse meditators who 1) are 25-65 years old, 2) have consistently practiced meditation for 5 years in their lifetime, and 3) are interested in brain activity during meditation measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Participation […]

“The Story of Us” — What EBMC’s Community Survey (Spring 2017) Tells Us

At East Bay Meditation Center we’ve been told that, for a relatively small meditation center, we have in the ten plus years since we opened our doors created a large impact on other Buddhist and spiritual communities. Our diversity and social justice-centered mission, and our innovative strategies and policies that support our commitment to “radical […]

Awakening Together, a forthcoming book by Larry Yang

For every center, organization, or individual wishing to create a welcoming and inclusive spiritual community, this book is a must-read. “I don’t see how Awakening Together could be better. It is so wise, thoughtful, dedicated to our healthful growth, ease, and enlightenment through the Dharma, that I know I will be reading it for years […]

Application period now open for EBMC board of directors

The East Bay Meditation Center’s Leadership Sangha (LSangha), or board of directors, is now seeking new members. The application period is from June 1 to 5 pm on July 7, 2017. LSangha members serve 3 year terms, and the average weekly time commitment for an LSangha member is 5 hours per week. LSangha members are […]

What the Sangha Said: Community Meeting Report-Back

Community Meeting Report Back March 26, 2017   Sangha Input East Bay Meditation Center hosted an open Community Meeting on 4/26/17. Eleven Sangha members were in attendance, including Teachers, Practice Group Coordinators, Staff, and Leadership Sangha.   Report Back Method This report aims to provide a transparent summary of the questions, concerns and information raised […]

Stand Against Suffering: An Unprecedented Call to Action by Buddhist Teachers

Thirteen leading Buddhist teachers, joined by more than 100 additional signatories, call on Buddhists and all people of faith to take a stand against policies of the new administration that will create suffering for the most vulnerable in society. BY BHIKKHU BODHI, NORMAN FISCHER, JOAN HALIFAX, MUSHIM PATRICIA IKEDA, JACK KORNFIELD, ETHAN NICHTERN, ROSHI PAT […]