EBMC has established an ethics, restoration, and resolution (ER&R) process for our spiritual community, guided by a council which is appointed by the Leadership Sangha (LSangha).  The council is made up of representatives from the LSangha, the program committee, and practice groups.

The intention of this initiative is to restore relationships within our community due to conflict, difference, or harm that has occurred, and to assist in complex issues becoming more resolved and understood through transparent sharing and respect.  The council will be guided by EBMC’s commitment to radical inclusivity and the five precepts. We believe that turning away from suffering through silence, blame, or not attending to suffering’s causes and conditions are all steps away from the dharma path.

The ER&R council will provide advice and consultation to anyone with concerns about the ethics of their own or another’s conduct.  The ER&R process encourages an independent resolution process for conflicts and disputes.  The full document (see link below) includes suggestions for how such an independent solution might be achieved.  If need be, the council will suggest appropriate actions in response to ethical breaches which have occurred.

The council will maintain confidentiality throughout all processes, except when mandated by law.

The ER&R process also offers a formal resolution and restoration procedure for situations where independent resolution may not be possible. While the council will facilitate resolution, and may recommend and facilitate mediation, EBMC will not routinely be able to pay the costs of mediation.

This is a brief summary of the full policy passed by the LSangha; the complete policy, including a timeline for the council’s response, is available here.

EBMC’s Mindfulness-Based Operating Principles for Handling Tension are available here.

If you have experienced an ethical breach within our community, please contact the Ethics Council at ethicscouncil@eastbaymeditation.org.  If you need assistance in writing what you’ve experienced, please let us know.