Candi Martinez Carthen
Event and Program Director

Programming, Event Coordination, Publicity, Marketing & Outreach, Graphic Design, Volunteer Coordination

Candi Martinez is a native Californian with over twenty years of experience in professional Event Production, Artistic Curation and Publicity. Her passion is curating events that serve as platforms to celebrate cultural heritage, promote social justice and foster community. In 2012, she was introduced to East Bay Meditation Center's POC meditation group and decided to become part of EBMC's beloved sangha. Her hobbies include volunteering, surfing, yoga and cooking.

email: Candi at eastbaymeditation dot org

Cassandra Shaylor
Development Director

Fundraising and Development

Cassandra Shaylor is an activist, attorney, and artist based in Oakland. She is the co-founder and former co-director of Justice Now and a co-founder of Critical Resistance, both abolitionist organizations focused on dismantling the prison industrial complex and building a world without prisons. Her academic and written work has focused on issues of women in prison, abolition, and the intersections of race, sexuality, gender, and punishment. Over the past few years she has been a fundraising and communications consultant for a range of social justice and environmental justice groups, and she is currently developing her skills as a metal smith.

email: Cassandra at eastbaymeditation dot org

Jena Woodfork
Event Coordinator

Event Management & Programs

Jena is an avid meditator and certified yoga teacher from Sacramento, CA. She is passionate about teaching holistic healing modalities to marginalized and disenfranchised communities as a means to overcoming related stress, depression and anxiety. In 2013 while a student at UC Berkeley, she found a home at EBMC where she attended weekly POC Sangha sessions and occasionally participated in weekend workshops. It was at EBMC that she found a safe, serene and inclusive community focusing on healing which allowed her to grow in her spiritual development and love for meditation.
Since obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Social Welfare and African American Studies in 2017, she has increasingly become an activist working in movements to eradicate social injustice, gender and racial inequality, homelessness and animal abuse. She enjoys creating acrylic artwork, making short videos, volunteering with her local homeless community and watching informative documentaries. Traveling the world is one of her greatest pleasures. 

email: jena at eastbaymeditation dot org

Mushim (Patricia) Ikeda
Community Director

Communications & Outreach, Volunteer Coordination, Human Resources, Radical Inclusivity, Shared Leadership

Mushim has a background in both monastic and lay Buddhist practice and is also one of EBMC's core teachers. A well-known socially-engaged Buddhist writer and racial justice activist, Mushim also works as an independent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant. At EBMC, she loves to encourage leadership development and spiritual friendship among our many volunteers, and she plays an active role in EBMC's Communications and outreach and on the HR team. She’s also a member of the Radical Inclusivity Committee and the Shared Leadership Committee.

email: Mushim at eastbaymeditation dot org

Shah Noor
Event and Program Coordinator

Event Management, Dharma Talk Editor

Shah Noor Hussein (they/them/theirs) is a writer, educator, and unapologetic queer black feminist with an M.A. in Anthropology and previous work in gender studies, urban environments, and teaching pedagogies. They have been practicing and instructing yoga and meditation in the community for over 12 years and joined the EBMC sangha in 2014. Shah currently works as a guest lecturer and freelance writer as well as EBMC's new Event Associate! Their future work aims to (re)center marginalized voices in dialogues on alternative epistemologies and cultural reproduction through education, art, and activism.

Xiaojing Wang
Programs & Finance Director

Programs, Finance; HR; Technology, Admin for Ethics, Reconciliation and Resolution Council

Xiaojing discovered a spiritual home at EBMC after attending the first Introduction to Meditation class for People of Color in 2006. She was also a member of EBMC’s first Commit to Dharma program in 2009. Prior to joining EBMC's staff, Xiaojing organized in D.C. Chinatown for immigrant healthcare access, and worked as a policy advocate for the Health Initiative of the Americas and the City of Oakland. As a licensed acupuncturist, Xiaojing also practices Chinese medicine.

email: Xiaojing at eastbaymeditation dot org