Practicing Self Compassion and Patience as Nutrition for our Journey – June 11th 2020 with Lev White

Fractal Nature of Change – May 28th 2020 with Kazu Haga

Taking Refuge in the Buddha: The Buddha’s Life as Archetype  – May 21st 2020 with Louije Kim

Awakening Love, Power & Justice: Seeking Refuge in the Three Jewels (for People of Color) – May 7th 2020 with Dr. Renato Almanzor

Relational-Care for Precarious Times: The Importance of Coming Together in Times of Separation (for People of Color) – April 30th, 2020

with Melvin Escobar

Grounding in Uncertainty (for People of Color) – April 16th 2020

with Carol Cano

Creating Refuge for Yourself & Others in Times of Fear (For People of Color) – April 9th 2020

with Mushim Ikeda

Building Community in Times of Isolation (For People of Color)  – April 2nd, 2020

with Arisika Razak

Tender Self Care in the Midst of Pain – May 6th, 2018

with Deb Kerr and Jim Willems

Expanding Our Hearts: A Dharma Talk About Forgiveness – April 9th, 2018

with Konda Mason and Lama Tsomo

Compassionate Dharma: Letting Go Of Our Addictions – Feb 4th, 2018

with Dr Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John M.A

Posttraumatic Growth for People of Color – November 4th 2017

Led by Melvin Escobar

Break through Denial: A Buddhist based Approach to Death & Dying – September 30th 2017

Led by Mushim Ikeda and Rev. Tova Green

Cultivating and Embodying the Heart Qualities – September 9th 2017

Led by Shahara Godfrey

Meditation & Movement: Creating Space In Your Body & Life – September 2nd 2017

Led by Mushim Ikeda and Master Ellis

The Ultimate Refuge for People of Color – August 26th, 2017

Led by H. Margarita Loinaz

EBMC Path, Practice and Spiritual Leadership – August 28th, 2014

Led by Larry Yang

Dharma as Healing Medicine – July 31st, 2014

Led by Mushim Ikeda

Mindfulness and Relationships: The Dance – July 3rd, 2014

Led by Noliwe Alexander

Generosity As A Way Of Living Our Lives – May 15th, 2014

Led by Spring Washam