Awakening Together, a forthcoming book by Larry Yang

For every center, organization, or individual wishing to create a welcoming and inclusive spiritual community, this book is a must-read.

“I don’t see how Awakening Together could be better. It is so wise, thoughtful, dedicated to our healthful growth, ease, and enlightenment through the Dharma, that I know I will be reading it for years to come. Larry Yang seems to have thought of everything we will need as we venture bravely forward— through racism, prejudice, ignorance—into the free spiritual beings we were meant to be. Together.”—Alice Walker

“What a gift Awakening Together gives to how we can build sanghas that represent the illuminating and joyous presence that true diversity brings.” —Gina Sharpe

“Larry Yang’s voice, heart, and insight in Awakening Together can be both trusted and radically illuminating. I highly recommend this elegant, highly personal, and hopefully profoundly influential book.” —Jon Kabat-Zinn

“For the first time—a Dharma book that is a roadmap showing collective pathways out of social suffering.”
—Mushim Ikeda

“A must read for anyone interested in understanding the integrities of belonging.”—Ruth King

“Inspiring, compelling and deeply wise, Awakening Together is essential reading as we seek to heal our own hearts, our communities and our world.”—Tara Brach

“Filled with love, clear and poignant.”—Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Available October 2017. Pre-order now at