“The Story of Us” — What EBMC’s Community Survey (Spring 2017) Tells Us

At East Bay Meditation Center we’ve been told that, for a relatively small meditation center, we have in the ten plus years since we opened our doors created a large impact on other Buddhist and spiritual communities. Our diversity and social justice-centered mission, and our innovative strategies and policies that support our commitment to “radical inclusivity,” along with our location in downtown Oakland, California have contributed to the creation of a Sangha (spiritual community) that is deeply based in mindfulness practices from a variety of wisdom traditions, that operates by gift economics rather than charging fees for our programs, and that is fiercely committed to exploration of how beloved community manifests in day-to-day interactions and relationships of spiritual friendship, mentoring, and the development of shared leadership.
This spring we invited EBMC community members to give us the next chapter of our unfolding “Story of Us” through responding to an online survey. You can access the survey results by clicking here.
[Update as of Aug 18] Now that we’ve shared all of our yummy Baker’s Dozen infographics on social media, you can if you like download a pdf that contains all 13 infographics by clicking here.