What the Sangha Said: Community Meeting Report-Back

EBMC’s March 26, 2017 Community Meeting

Community Meeting Report Back

March 26, 2017


Sangha Input

East Bay Meditation Center hosted an open Community Meeting on 4/26/17. Eleven Sangha members were in attendance, including Teachers, Practice Group Coordinators, Staff, and Leadership Sangha.


Report Back Method

This report aims to provide a transparent summary of the questions, concerns and information raised at the meeting.



General EBMC Information

  • EBMC’s lease was renewed for 3 years. We are in year 1 of renewal. No rent increase
  • Feedback section on website has been requested
  • EBMC has a strategic development plan, but not an overall strategic plan. We are searching for a Strategic Planning consultant, aiming for the process to run from May through end of November, 2017
  • Eventbrite technical issue: registration for EBMC events is sometimes difficult on computers and phones
  • Over 300 people responded to EBMC’s Sangha Survey!
  • Keeping valuables secured helps people not to break a precept. What is the best way to language “Keep your valuables with you at EBMC” within a multicultural spiritual community?


Giving & Gift Economics

  • Encouragement for spiritual teachings of dana to be frame as generosity, rather than “give us money”
  • Increase transparency to the Sangha on the overhead costs for programs
  • Some people wonder: how much to give to Teachers v. EBMC at a class?
  • Education needed: Teachers & Sangha leaders could benefit from more details about staff: roles, FTE, how EBMC runs
  • Confusion persists: How to give dana to teachers other than cash and checks? EBMC currently cannot accept cards for teacher dana.
  • Sangha members who have more to give can particularly benefit from understanding Gift Economics
  • EBMC can offer more programs to discuss gift economics and money-related shame, anxiety, discomfort and other responses
  • Teachers need support to give skillful Gift Economics talks


EBMC in the Community

  • EBMC’s mission is even more audacious in current political climate
  • EBMC is not immune to being seen as outsiders in this particular neighborhood. In larger society, increased tensions due to gentrification and displacement create more distress. Request for Sangha leadership & members to think about ways that EBMC can be a good neighbor