A white woman with long brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a long sleeve white shirt, smiling against a yellow background

I first came to EBMC in the spring of 2020 as a participant in the White and Awakening in Sangha program. I had recently moved to the East Bay and was hoping to deepen my understanding of my own conditioning as a white woman and to connect with others engaged in social action work. After a few challenging and wonderful sessions together, the program moved online as we sheltered in-place and began our lives in a global pandemic.

The leaders of the program were impressive in their flexibility, offering an online version of the program that became a refuge to me as the George Floyd protests began. I felt a renewed commitment to continue my personal work to understand and to push through my conditioning. Like so many others experienced, most of the activities in my life found a new home on Zoom. I began running programs online at work and made new connections with teachers from EBMC who helped me explore ways to put my intentions into actionable practices and inspired me with their own lives. Eventually, I happily accepted a part-time position managing EBMC Zoom events.

Through my new role as event manager, I found myself bearing witness to the people and offerings of this unique sangha. I am touched by the community’s deep commitment to awakening to new perspectives, the deep care for others, and most importantly –  the constant curiosity. Members of the sangha share their wisdom and resources to sustain these offerings, allowing all to join and to contribute however they are able. EBMC has created a culture that is deeply centered around supporting the community and fulfilling the mission to welcome anyone who arrives, helping them find the understanding and inspiration to live a happy, peaceful life. I hope you’ll consider offering your presence and your support to EBMC during this season of #EBMCGratitude.

May all beings be happy and may all beings be free,
Anna Breckenridge