Teen Circle: Online Meditation for Teens Age 14-19!

“Sometimes when I feel alone, I get into an internal narrative where I tell myself that no one can understand what I’m going through. I start to believe that I can’t connect to anyone. The practices I’ve learned at EBMC Teen Circle have been a gateway into my ability to step out of that cycle.


The container of Teen Circle showed me that I have an intuitive ability to drop into the moment when this happens with others and realize that I have a choice; that I can act as opposed to react. Instead of blaming myself feeling isolated, or getting angry at what someone said, I’ve realized that I can pause and decide what I really want to do or say next in these intense moments. It’s beautiful to know I have a space that holds laughter, tears, wonder, and vulnerability. The potential for community here makes me feel like my dreams for revolutionary change are possible. 


If you’re starting to really notice and struggle with your relationship with yourself and your body during quarantine, Teen Circle is a place where people are open to exploring that.” – Kai Sugioka-Stone (Teen Circle alum, Communities Rizing alum, POC sangha and EBMC community member)


Teen Circle has moved online and meets Wednesday evenings 7-8:45pm PST. We invite EBMC community members to spread the word to 14-19 year olds in your life who want to learn mindfulness meditation and explore the dharma (Buddhist teachings) in creative experiential ways. No experience is necessary. We are committed to maintaining a sangha (community) that is welcoming to people of all identities. Led by the EBMC Teen Circle Teaching Team: Sarwang Parikh, Louijie Kim, Sara Oakes, Anthony “T” Maes and Raul Kahlil Betancourt 


Register at https://eastbaymeditation.org/programs/sanghas