COVID-19 Letter from Spiritual Teacher & Leadership Team: This is Important Now More Than Ever

Dear Beloved Communities:

On behalf of the Spiritual Teacher & Leadership (STL) training program, the core teaching team extends our gratitude and appreciation to EBMC’s staff, volunteers, benefactors, and technical support in transitioning to the new on-line platform.  We extend deep gratitude to all our Sanghas for their devoted commitment to practice and continued support to the sustainability of our beloved community during this unprecedented time.

We recognize the difficulties and sense of uncertainty that may be arising as a result of the rapidly changing climate of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many in our communities are facing the loss of loved ones, loss of income and loss of emotional stability. It’s only natural that deep feelings of fear, anxiety, and confusion may exist through our self isolation and physical distancing.  

Throughout the past 14 years, EBMC has been a place of refuge for so many, near and far.  It is times like these that calls forth our community to draw upon our practice of the Buddhadharma and collectively reflect on liberation, healing and social engagement.  May we remember the two wings of compassion and wisdom, as we graciously hold one another with kindness within our beloved community. Now more than ever, cultivating spiritual teachers and leaders to guide and support EBMC’s diverse communities and partner organizations is essential. Our desire is to join with you to create vibrant and innovative responses to the current and future needs of our time. 

In closing, we honor our ancestors, their ancient wisdom and the 2600 years of the Buddhadharma, while holding each of you with aspirations of well being, health, strength, resilience and safety.

Wisdom is a correct understanding of reality 

and compassion is the desire 

for all beings to be liberated

 from the causes of suffering.”  

Matthieu Ricard



Spiritual Teacher & Leadership Team

Amana Brembry Johnson, Carol Cano, JD Doyle and Noliwe Alexander