East Bay Meditation Center


We are excited to announce the launch of East Bay Meditation Center’s Spiritual Teacher and Leadership Training (STL).  STL was developed in alignment with the mission and vision of EBMC and carries the goal of fostering liberation for diverse communities by advancing personal and interpersonal healing, social engagement and transformation, and radically inclusive community building. The purpose of the training is to cultivate future teachers and leaders to step into leadership roles within EBMC’s infrastructure and into the expanse of surrounding, diverse communities and partnering organizations.


STL is a comprehensive, two-year training offered by the East Bay Meditation Center for dedicated Dharma practitioners who are leading or coordinating meditation/Dharma groups and/or participating in programs at EBMC. The training will begin in February 2021 and go through February 2023. The core curriculum will be offered by guiding teachers: Noliwe Alexander, Carol Cano, JD Doyle, and Amana Brembry Johnson. Selected guests will offer teachings in their specific fields. Participants will meet monthly in training configurations that include:  two, week-long residential retreats, non-residential and single day retreats.  All participants are expected to commit to full participation for the two-year period.


EBMC has created and continues to evolve a comprehensive and far-reaching social ecosystem, one that is equitable, ethical, inclusive, and challenges the dominant market capital system that prospers the few over the many. EBMC’s ability to thrive is rooted in interdependence, diversity, and connection to the larger world environment. The center has increasingly become an exemplar of how to integrate radical inclusivity and social justice with the Buddhadharma, creating a model that is of great value to organizations and institutions on a national and international scale.  Throughout EBMC’s history, dedicated Dharma practitioners have evolved who are ready to step into leadership positions. Due to this confluence of individual and collective development, we are launching STL training at this time.


The STL training will:

  • Impart a strong knowledge of the Suttas and the Buddhist lineage
  • Connect classic teachings to contemporary issues in ways that align with social justice, transformative healing, and radical inclusivity
  • Master pedagogy for leading meditation groups, Dharma classes, daylongs and weekend retreats
  • Teach how to cultivate and sustain diverse community-based groups and Dharma organizations, in alignment with trauma informed practices and accessibility awareness
  • Explore the values, principles, and practices of shared leadership and gift economics
  • Support the embodiment of relational skills, such as: empathy, humility, curiosity, humor and ethics
  • Deepen knowledge to create sacred spaces and rituals, rooted in the wisdom and compassion of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions


  • An active member of the EBMC community.
  • A minimum of five years of dedicated Dharma practice.
  • A daily meditation practice based in foundational elements of Buddhist teachings.
  • 40 nights or more of residential Vipassana and/or Metta retreat practice.  This can include other silent meditation retreat experiences with Buddhist or other traditions and should include at least two, seven-day, silent meditation retreats, or a month or more of continuous retreat practice.
  • A commitment to embody the core elements of EBMC’s principles which include: Gift Economics, Radical Inclusivity, Buddhism and Mindfulness, Shared Leadership, and Social Justice and Healing.
  • An embodied practice of the 5 precepts.
  • An understanding of the importance of environmental/climate justice and human/animal rights as it relates to ethical integrity.
  • Completion of EBMC’s White Awakening in Sangha (WAS) and/or an equivalent anti-racist training by all white participants.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Personal and interpersonal maturity that includes an understanding of power and privilege.
  • A commitment to full participation for the entirety of the training.


Participants will be chosen only from nominations by EBMC Teachers, Staff Members, Practice Group Coordinators, and meditation teachers from other organizations and institutions. Nominations will be accepted between March 15, 2020 and May 15, 2020 via the nomination form.

All nominations will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be invited to submit applications starting on June 30, 2020.  Final application deadline will be August 31, 2020.  Candidates will be informed of participation by November 1, 2020.

For more information, please contact STL@eastbaymeditation.org