Sangha Safety Pointers

  • Think in terms of “self-awareness” instead of “self-defense.”
  • In traveling to or from EBMC, have a buddy system.
  • You can call the Oakland Ambassadors and request an escort. Information is posted in the EBMC office.
  • When you leave EBMC, remember that you are shifting to a faster paced environment with more flow.
  • Practice being aware of everything within twenty feet in front of you, in back of you, and on either side of you.
  • Make sure you’re carrying your bag or purse in a way that’s comfortable and secure, and practice looking confident, alert and friendly.
  • Transition zones, such as getting into or out of your car, and going into or out of the meditation center are places for heightened awareness.

A more complete set of safety and self-awareness tips by martial arts instructor Michele Benzamin-Miki, who is also an EBMC community teacher, is downloadable here as a PDF.