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Path of Service

What is the Path of Service Sangha?

A sangha dedicated to EBMC volunteers.  This Sangha gathers periodically to:

* honor your service to the Dharma
* sit together, meet each other, share stories
* hear a brief update on the “State of the Center”
* have FUN !


How do I Join the PoSS?

If you are a volunteer or have volunteered in the past, please email us via our contact page and request to be added to the Path of Service Sangha.


If you have not volunteered and would like to, please visit our Volunteer page to see some positions that are open. If you have any questions, contact our Volunteer Coordinator via our contact page.

Podcast: Creating diverse sanghas, Brenda Salgado & Mushim Ikeda

Podcast: Creating diverse sanghas (spiritual communities) in the U.S.
Interview by the Secular Buddhist (Minneapolis) with East Bay Meditation Center’s Brenda Salgado (center director) and Mushim Ikeda (core teacher and community coordinator). May 2015

Awakening Together, Larry Yang

strong>Awakening Together
By Larry Yang, in Inquiring Mind, Spring 2015 (PDF download)

April 2015

April 2015 Newsletter – pdf

August 2014

August 2014 Newsletter pdf-icon-copy-min-150

May 2014

May 2014 Newsletter

Winter 2011

Winter 2011 Newsletter

Tricycle feature article by Mushim Ikeda, part of “Lifting a Corner”

Not What I Thought
Tricycle feature article by Mushim Ikeda, part of “Lifting a Corner: Three Western Buddhist practitioners share their stories”

Why Is American Buddhism So White?

Why Is American Buddhism So White?
Panel with Larry Yang and other teachers, in the Winter 2011 issue of Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Newsletter