Angela Davis & Jon Kabat-Zinn in Conversation Now Available

We are happy to offer a recording of Dr. Angela Davis and Jon Kabat-Zinn in conversation ‘Mindfulness and the Possibility of Freedom’. This was recorded at a benefit for East Bay Meditation Center back in 2014 and the learnings are still resonant today. Please note: there are very few offerings for which we have set fees. As this was a benefit for EBMC, we are using the recording to fundraise for our beautiful community!


Podcast: Creating diverse sanghas, Brenda Salgado & Mushim Ikeda

Podcast: Creating diverse sanghas (spiritual communities) in the U.S.
Interview by the Secular Buddhist (Minneapolis) with East Bay Meditation Center’s Brenda Salgado (center director) and Mushim Ikeda (core teacher and community coordinator). May 2015