ONLINE: Everyday Equity: Awakening Love, Power, and Justice

An Online Class Series with Dr. Renato Almanzor

Fridays April 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th 2021

1:00 – 4:00PM PST (Time Zone Converter)

Closed Captioning Provided


Everyday Equity is both a realization of and an agenda for social justice and community well-being. The program offers perspectives, principles, and practices toward awakening love, power, and justice in our daily lives at home, work, and community. The webinar series is not just an individual path, we will catalyze interpersonal and collective transformation through experiential activities including journaling, mindful stationery and movement meditation, and conversation in pairs, small groups, and whole group. Addressing equity, we will examine personal, relational, and collective experiences from the effects of culture and systems, specifically accessing our stories of harm and healing. As we practice Everyday Equity individually and together, we’re invited to cultivate sustainable community well-being.


ONLINE: Healing the Healer: Cultivating Healing Within and In Community for Black, Indigenous and POC

An Online Class with Melvin Escobar and Jonathon Relucio 

Sundays April 18th  2021

10AM – 2PM PST (Time Zone Converter)

Closed Captioning Provided


Healers and caregivers are invited to this workshop for a day of rest and renewal. Jonathan and Melvin have over forty years combined experience doing social justice work and will offer how the teachings in Buddhism and Yoga can connect us to the healing that is possible in community. Taking care of oneself is foundational to being of true service: as the saying goes, “make sure to put on your oxygen mask first.” We will explore how to cultivate and build resilience and self-compassion so that we can continue to be of service to self and others.


Registered participants will receive a link to join us via Zoom with their EventBrite confirmation. 




Spiritual Teacher & Leadership (STL) Training

The Spiritual Teacher & Leadership (STL) training program launched in February 2021 with 30 participants and 4 core teachers.  The purpose of the training is to cultivate future teachers and leaders to step into leadership roles within EBMC and into surrounding communities and sibling organizations.

Read more about the participants HERE.

We Hold the Grief of our Asian and Asian American Sangha

The East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC) expresses our collective grief and outrage at the ongoing violence targeting Asian and Asian Americans and in the wake of the most recent tragic attack in Atlanta. We stand in solidarity with Asian and Asian Americans in beloved community.

These violent acts of hatred are arising due to the current and historical oppression of Asian Americans in the U.S. They are the direct result of our nation’s deep roots in white supremacy, imperialism, and xenophobia. 

EBMC is committed to co-creating a culture of strongly-rooted resistance, resilience and well-being. This is our steady response to the violence and injustice we witness in society. We continue to cultivate the ground for deep systemic change, to end multigenerational patterns of oppression, and to uphold a spiritual vision for  freedom and joy for everyone. This is a time to take refuge in the three jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and support one another on the path of non-harming.

East Bay Meditation Center will continue to offer collective spaces for healing and taking refuge together in Sangha, especially in the coming weeks. We will share programming updates that will include space for our Asian and Asian American Sangha members and opportunities to build solidarity with our BIPOC/White allies. In the meantime, we continue to hold space at our People of Color Sangha practice group on Thursday evenings and our Asian American Deep Refuge group on Tuesday evenings. We are in the process of scheduling more programming and will share details soon. We encourage you to lean on EBMC and each other in Sangha during this time. 

The following is a link to compiled resources, including donation, volunteer, and action opportunities:


[Cover image used with permission from artist Pauline Cuevas. Artwork was commissioned by the California Endowment.]

Agreements for Multicultural Interactions at EBMC

Agreements for Multicultural Interactions at EBMC

Adapted from Visions Inc, “Guidelines for Productive Work Sessions”

Try It On: Be willing to “try on” new ideas, or ways of doing things that might not be what you prefer or are familiar with.

Practice Self Focus: Attend to and speak about your own experiences and responses. Do not speak for a whole group or express assumptions about the experience of others.

Understand The Difference Between Intent & Impact: Try to understand and acknowledge impact. Denying the impact of something said by focusing on intent is often more destructive than the initial interaction.

Practice “Both / And”: When speaking, substitute “and” for “but”. This practice acknowledges and honors multiple realities.

Refrain From Blaming or Shaming Self & Others: Practice Giving Skillful Feedback.

Move Up / Move Back: Encourage full participation by all present. Take note of who is speaking and who is not. If you tend to speak often, consider “moving back” and vice versa.

Practice Mindful Listening: Try to avoid planning what you’ll say as you listen to others. Be willing to be surprised, to learn something new. Listen with your whole self.

Confidentiality: Take home learnings, but don’t identify anyone other than yourself, now or later. If you want to follow up with anyone regarding something they said in during a session, ask first and respect their wishes.

Right to Pass: You can say “I pass” if you don’t wish to speak.

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I Vow Not to Burn Out

EBMC Core Teacher Mushim Patricia Ikeda writes in the August issue of Lion’s Roar magazine about the “Great Vow for Mindful Activists”

Aware of suffering and injustice, I, _________, am working to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. I promise, for the benefit of all, to practice self-care, mindfulness, healing, and joy. I vow to not burn out.

Image: “Superman Buddha, Force Within” by Elisa Insua.