Honoring Our Ancestors: For People of Color

Led by Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John and Shahara Godfrey

Saturday, February 22nd 10AM – 5PM 

Join us in this day long, where we reclaim our birth right of the mindfulness of breathing, and Loving kindness, to call in the ancestors, who walked before us, and paved the way so that we could begin to heal from the ills of world. Bring a photo preferably and if not a photo something that evokes one of your ancestors. Bring a poem, or a song, that reflects your ancestral lineage and or history. Bring an instrument, and bring your vibrant diverse voice.

Space is limited and registration is requested. 

The Joy of Recovery: Recovery Doesn’t Have to be a Drag

Sunday, February 23rd 10AM – 5PM  

Dr. Vimalasara Valerie Mason-John and Shahara Godfrey

Join us in this day long, and lean into the fruits of having freedom from the prison of our minds. Joy is the third stage of the spiral path. The first is suffering, and those of us with addictions and compulsive, obsessive behaviours know about suffering. So there is hope, where there is suffering, faith can arise, and where there is faith joy can arise.

Together we will meditate, chant mantra’s and experience some joy.

Space is limited and registration is requested. 


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Agreements for Multicultural Interactions at EBMC

Agreements for Multicultural Interactions at EBMC

Adapted from Visions Inc, “Guidelines for Productive Work Sessions”

Try It On: Be willing to “try on” new ideas, or ways of doing things that might not be what you prefer or are familiar with.

Practice Self Focus: Attend to and speak about your own experiences and responses. Do not speak for a whole group or express assumptions about the experience of others.

Understand The Difference Between Intent & Impact: Try to understand and acknowledge impact. Denying the impact of something said by focusing on intent is often more destructive than the initial interaction.

Practice “Both / And”: When speaking, substitute “and” for “but”. This practice acknowledges and honors multiple realities.

Refrain From Blaming or Shaming Self & Others: Practice Giving Skillful Feedback.

Move Up / Move Back: Encourage full participation by all present. Take note of who is speaking and who is not. If you tend to speak often, consider “moving back” and vice versa.

Practice Mindful Listening: Try to avoid planning what you’ll say as you listen to others. Be willing to be surprised, to learn something new. Listen with your whole self.

Confidentiality: Take home learnings, but don’t identify anyone other than yourself, now or later. If you want to follow up with anyone regarding something they said in during a session, ask first and respect their wishes.

Right to Pass: You can say “I pass” if you don’t wish to speak.

Learn More at: https://eastbaymeditation.org/resources/diversity/

I Vow Not to Burn Out

EBMC Core Teacher Mushim Patricia Ikeda writes in the August issue of Lion’s Roar magazine about the “Great Vow for Mindful Activists”

Aware of suffering and injustice, I, _________, am working to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. I promise, for the benefit of all, to practice self-care, mindfulness, healing, and joy. I vow to not burn out.

Image: “Superman Buddha, Force Within” by Elisa Insua.