At EBMC we believe that everyone has an inherent capacity for generosity, and that together we can co-create a thriving spiritual community based on values of abundance, trust, and connection, rather than scarcity, fear, and separation.  We operate using a gift economics, generosity-based “All-Dana” model.  This means we charge no set registration fees to attend our events and instead rely on the generous giving of our community.

Dana is the ancient Pali language word describing generosity arising effortlessly from deep gratitude. The Buddha and other wisdom teachers emphasized that such generosity is an essential component of spiritual freedom. We rely on Dana instead of fees because we believe that our generosity-based system will allow the greatest accessibility to the Dharma for the greatest number of people.

Program and event participants are offered an opportunity to make a voluntary gift to EBMC during the registration process or at an event itself.  If everyone who participates in events at EBMC practices generosity and gives to the level of their ability, the Center will continue to thrive as a spiritual home accessible to all. Please consider the dana opportunities we have available including becoming a Monthly Friend of EBMC.