ONLINE: Cultivating Home in Our Hearts

Cultivating Home in Our Hearts: A daylong for adult adoptees and fostered, or child welfare system survivors

With Fresh “Lev” White, Sean Feit Oakes, Phoenix Song

Saturday December 10th 2022

10AM – 4PM PT (Time Zone Converter)

This class is for us who experienced separation from birth families at early ages to explore the heart of the Buddha’s teachings: that pain and loss are built into life and are the seeds of wisdom and liberation. We’ll explore the wounds and potential gifts of adoption, and practices to support self-love, compassion, and the cultivation of deep refuge in the world.

All adult (18+) adoptees, formerly foster home or system youth, and any adult who were forced/separated from their birth family at young ages are welcome. Please have food, drink, or other comfort items available as needed.