Spring Equinox News 2022: State of the Center Report

All Things EBMC: Spring Newsletter & State of the Center Report 
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  •  EBMC has always operated from rental spaces in Oakland, California. Now we need to raise $2.9 million dollars to meet our goal to purchase and renovate a sustainable home for EBMC.
  • EBMC’s Program Director says she’s reflecting “on the robust programming and pedagogy that has shaped our year (2022) so far,” with exciting offerings such as “The Future Is Black: An Introduction to AfroFuturism, Dharma and Black Feminism,” a retreat led by core teacher Arisika Razak and shah noor.
  • EBMC’s board of directors, called the Leadership Sangha or the LSangha, has two new members, Anjali Sawhney and Stephan Gordon? Find out more about them in the March EBMC State of the Center Report!


  • We’re looking forward to a new database and a new website, also, in 2022.


  • Over the coming year, EBMC will continue to support capacity-building projects including honoraria to support teachers, ASL interpretation, expanded staffing and benefits, and major digital infrastructure improvements.

Read the full State of the Center Report HERE.