EBMC is the sweet meditation-center-that-could – Bong Lau Gratitude Story!

As we continue our annual Season of Gratitude, we bring you a Gratitude Story from dear Sangha member Bong LauBong shares the ways that EBMC offers a place to develop deep and lasting spiritual friendships that support and sustain us.
During our Season of Gratitude, we are raising $30,000 to ensure that EBMC continues to be a spiritual home for so all who need it.

EBMC holds a dear place in my heart due to the impact it has had on my life.  The center came into my life in 2008, when I was an overwhelmed educator-in-training in the process of getting my teaching credential.  My then-partner, noticing my sleepless nights, anxiety, sudden weight loss, and other symptoms, recommended EBMC as a place that could help.  I finally took him up on this invitation, and going into the old Broadway corner location on a Thursday night, I remember Mushim, Spring, Larry, and many other teachers providing a space of respite, slowing down, and quiet.  It took me a while to understand the practice, as I entered into a vortex of thoughts once my eyes shut, and I lay my body down.  Granted, that was still more peaceful than the external stressors of student teaching, lesson planning, and classroom management.

My meditation practice began to shift as EBMC became my spiritual home.  I give much gratitude to the top-notch teachers, especially in those early days, who gently guided my beginner’s mind.  Another factor in my growth were the relationships that I formed.  As I showed up week after week, the spiritual friendships I formed supported and sustained my consistent presence: I became invested in this sweet refuge of people who welcomed me in a way I very much needed.

Over the years my relationship with EBMC has grown and shifted. For a while, it was, without a doubt, my Thursday night plan. I became more deeply involved in the PiTA #2 & #5 cohorts and as a PoC Coordinating Committee member. There were times when I did not attend for months. And still, for over a decade, this sweet meditation center-that-could was and has always been there, consistent.

I write this message with the hope that EBMC will continue to be a spiritual home open to all for many years to come. I give deep gratitude for this revolutionary, visionary center and everyone whose generous spirits have sustained this communal gathering space.  May the fruits of all that merit continue towards the awakening and liberation of all beings!