EBMC Teacher Christian Howard, Meditation Trainer for Apple’s new Meditation App

East Bay Meditation Center is proud to see Christian Howard, an EBMC teacher, announced as one of Apple’s two new meditation trainers in Apple’s recent global rollout of a new meditation app housed in the Apple Fitness program! Apple says: “Guided Meditation will be led by a group of Mindful Cooldown and Yoga trainers that Fitness+ users know and love… as well as two new trainers specializing in Meditation, Christian Howard and JoAnna Hardy. Christian and JoAnna have a combined 40 years of experience teaching both traditional and insight meditation in a personal and inclusive way. The guided Meditation trainers will offer a variety of experiences with different styles and approaches that are welcoming to all, whether it’s a person’s first practice or they are a seasoned expert. For those just getting started, a new Meditation for Beginners program will help users understand the fundamentals before diving into the studio sessions.” Christian and JoAnna are both BIPOC Buddhist meditation teachers, and we’re happy to see them leading this initiative! Christian is pictured twice in the image, at the top, and in the middle of the top row of featured teachers. A graduate of East Bay Meditation Center’s yearlong program of secular mindfulness training for justice activists, Christian then went on to be an apprentice teacher for Practice in Transformative Action for two years. He is a longtime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. For more information, click HERE.