ONLINE: Precepts, Power and Presence: Honoring Our Sexuality for Womxn of Color

An Online Workshop for Self Identified Womxn of Color

With Arisika Razak and Carol Cano

Sunday, May 16th 2021 10AM – 1PM PST

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When I speak of the erotic …I speak . . . of the life

force of women . . . the knowledge and use of which we are now reclaiming in

our language, our history, our dancing our loving, our work, our lives

Audre Lorde


How has our sexuality been shaped by our experiences as womxn of color living in racist, capitalist and patriarchal societies? How can we reawaken the divine sexual energy that is our birthright – and what dharmic, ancestral practices can we use to support our healing? Join us for a half-day of wisdom teachings, movement practices, mindfulness meditation, and creative writing and sharing as we celebrate and reclaim our sacred life energy. Bring an object that represents your relationship to your sexuality – current or aspirational – and writing or art supplies.