BIPOC-Centered Support for Election Season Stress

East Bay Meditation Center is gearing up to support our communities during this tense election season with thoughtful programming designed to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

We recognize the ways that historic systemic oppression has marginalized many in our Sangha, especially the legacies of slavery that have resulted in the modern day police state and continued anti-Black and anti-POC policies and practices. Given that this year has already brought multiple waves of challenges, we at the EBMC’s Programming Committee have put together events that we hope will feel supportive to our communities as we approach the election, and support us after the results are announced. 

Note: Some of the practice groups below are open to all backgrounds; we have clearly indicated those groups. We felt it was important to mention some of these as they support the intersection of our identities beyond racial identification (i.e., gender, ability, sexual orientation).

In the weeks to come, we will be announcing more programming in addition to what is noted below. The best way to stay updated on programming is to sign up for our events newsletter and follow us on Instagram or Facebook. 


NOVEMBER 7 – Taming Anxiety for Black, Indigenous and People of Color with Rev. Keiryu Lien Shutt

Does your mind seem to “be all over the place”? Do you find yourself worrying a lot? Do you feel easily overwhelmed and filled with anxiety? Do you obsess about “shoulds’” and “coulds’” and, therefore, find it hard to focus? Buddhist teachings and meditation practices have long addressed ways to be with such emotions and thoughts. In this one-day, we will gather and to learn ways in which we can work with worry and anxiety. 


NOVEMBER 25 – The Dharma of Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad for People of Color with Spring Washam 

The time is NOW…for us to call on one of our greatest Ancestors and that is Harriet Tubman! This mini-retreat is meant to be soul food for the heart with gospel music, deep dharma, and a sprinkle of shamanic magic on top. We are in the midst of a revolution and together we will learn how to be conductors of love in our communities. 


DECEMBER 19 – Creativity, Vulnerability & Power: Moving Forward Together For Self-identified Black, Indigenous, People of Color & Multiracial persons (Event link forthcoming)

With Mushim Ikeda, Dr. Zahra Ahmed & Christian Howard

Drawing on “deep time” and Dharmic mindfulness-based practices, can we as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and Multiracial persons) see and seize the opportunities now arising to move forward together toward liberation? Is there a “magic formula” for both solidarity and emergent strategy arising from our diversity? Our teaching team consisting of a former Buddhist nun, a professor of political science, and an international organizational design specialist proposes a boldly compassionate community discussion on how Creativity, Vulnerability and Power manifest, interact, and hold the potential for transformative change.



NOVEMBER 14 – Latinx Deep Refuge Practice Group

NOVEMBER 23 – Trans & Genderqueer/Gender Variant Deep Refuge Group (Note: open to all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds)

DECEMBER 12 –  Multiracial Peer-Led Deep Refuge Group


THURDAY NIGHTS- POC Yoga (Zoom link in EBMC POC Sangha Facebook Group) AND POC Practice Group –  People of Color Sangha

TUESDAY NIGHTS- Alphabet (LGBTQI+) Practice Group (Note: open to all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds)

SUNDAY NIGHTS – Every Body Every Mind (Differently Abled and Chronically Ill) Practice Group (Note: open to all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds)