Cultivating Spiritual Freedom… by Challenging Capitalism

Dear Sangha Family,
Can you envision a world beyond capitalism?
For us, it starts with the Buddha’s first teaching that generosity is an essential component of spiritual freedom. 
When you visit or support EBMC, you also participate in this practice of generosity through our financial model: Gift Economics. 
This radically inclusive giving model ensures our programs are accessible to all. By offering programs without a set fee, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay. 
… But there’s more. 
For Gift Economics to thrive, everyone is encouraged to give to the extent they are able, at the highest level they can, to support our Sangha as a whole
As a practice of generosity, a Sangha member has offered us a $10,000 match! Right now, we have just $4,620 left to raise by the end of the year to make our match and get us closer to our $25,000 year-end goal. Will you help us make our match by offering a gift today?
Gift Economics necessitates that those in the community sustain our community. There is no “them” being asked to give for “us”. We strive to support each other and create a “we” that is powerful, resourceful, and abundant. 
Today we invite you to support EBMC as a place of deep refuge for all who come seeking liberation. Will you offer a gift of generosity to sustain our community today? With bows of gratitude for your practice of generosity,
EBMC Staff:

Candi, Cassandra, Irene, Lyla, Mushim, and Xiaojing