Expanded Ways to Give to EBMC and to Our Teachers

Gift economics! Quick guide on expanded ways to give to East Bay Meditation Center and, separately, to the Teachers: TO DONATE TO #EBMC‘s TEACHERS, you can give by cash or check in the “dana” boxes marked “for the teachings” at EBMC events, and some teachers have PayPal accounts. Anything you contribute through the EBMC website goes to the meditation center, not to the teachers.
TO DONATE TO THE MEDITATION CENTER, you can offer financial contributions to support East Bay Meditation Center in three ways: (1) online at our website, www.eastbaymeditation.org for a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation; (2) by cash or check made out to EBMC; (3) using our new wall-mounted iPad Square units in the main temple space.

When EBMC opened our doors on Broadway at 22nd in Oakland in January 2007, we were told by other organizations that we couldn’t survive on a donation-only (gift economics or “dana”) basis. More than 10 years later, we’re still in Oakland, still growing, offering more amazing programs taught by diverse teachers, and it’s because of the community’s generosity …. because of YOUR generosity! Thank you, Sangha!