What’s the Importance of Gift Economics If “Money Makes the World Go Round”? EBMC Sangha member Krys Simon’s podcast

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From #EBMC POC Sangha member and “techie volunteer” Krys Simon’s DocentYouth podcast, “Money Makes the World Go Round”: “[In our current system] the higher the entitlement, the less the guilt in having more than others. Hello, capitalism…. With the rise of individualistic self-interest, the kind of inequality experienced by most Americans has undermined the perceptions of fairness and trust, which in turn leads to a very unsatisfying pursuit to unified happiness. Not to mention that no matter how smart or hard-working we are, some of us will still fall on the lower end of the success scale, due to our society’s implied biases. Manifest destiny is a sham.” Seeking a different way, Krys turned to East Bay Meditation Center. Krys interviews #EBMC Assistant Director Xiaojing Wang to learn more about Gift Economics as a viable alternative to market economy. During the interview, EBMC teacher Mushim Ikeda happened to enter the room and was “hooked in” to the conversation by Krys. Listen in at around 17.35! Krys goes on to examine her role in fundraising to support programs for youth, and to talk about her faith in humanity’s ability to create a world that works for everyone. http://docentyouth.org/the-business-of-giving-podcast/

Podcast date: September 2, 2016