ONLINE: Equanimity: Finding Our Balance in Difficult and Challenging Times

Equanimity: Finding Our Balance in Difficult and Challenging Times

An Online Retreat with Arisika Razak

Saturday, August 13th 10AM – 4:30PM PT (Time Zone Converter)

Closed captioning will be provided.

Equanimity is both evenness and passion; balance and vehemence. Equanimity makes space for our rage, outrage and despair and . . . invites us to transmute that passion into wise action. -Allyson Pimentel

Equanimity means to let go, not to abandon.- Thich Nhat Hanh

Equanimity . . . arises from the power of observation, the ability to see without being caught by what we see. When well developed, such power gives rise to a great sense of peace. – Gil Fronsdal

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Just as the Buddha sought a Middle Way between body-denying asceticism and total sensual indulgence, many of us are searching for balance. In the face of rapidly escalating attacks on our bodies, our communities, and our civil and human rights, we may find ourselves overwhelmed by anger, fear, anxiety and despair.

The Buddha taught that freedom is found when we dwell in the present moment and cultivate loving-kindness for all beings. But how can we do this in a world so saturated with greed, hatred, and delusion?

The practice of equanimity invites us to rest in our heart’s wisdom, even in the midst of struggle and pain. It supports our bodies’ well-being, and allows us to accept the world as it is – without being overwhelmed by the feelings that blow through us and without compromising our willingness to take transformative action to heal the world.

In this day-long retreat, we will actively engage in practices that promote equanimity. We will use movement, meditation, small and large group sharing, dharma teachings and writing to relax our bodies, calm our minds and face our difficulties with renewed hope and acceptance.

Registered attendees will receive a zoom link to join us online with their EventBrite registration.