Path of the Bodhisattva Path of the Bodhisattva Precepts Ceremony

with Mushim Ikeda

Saturday, December 14th 10AM – 4:30PM 

 For Those Receiving or Witnessing the Bodhisattva Precepts & Vows.

I, myself, took the Bodhisattva Vows and made the vow, “Life after life, after life, after life, I will continue my practice and continue my work.” – Bhante Suhita Dharma, Buddhist monk and social worker, 1941-2013

In Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisattva is an archetypal great being who tirelessly and joyfully works to liberate all beings from suffering. For the second time, EBMC will offer two class series exploring what it means to creatively embody the Bodhisattva teachings. Those who complete both class series may participate in the final daylong and either witness or take Bodhisattva precepts and vows in order to strengthen their commitment to collective liberation. These are the same vows taken by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Those who do not wish to take the Bodhisattva vows may take either of the two class series. Meditation (instruction provided for beginners), Dharma talks, and interactive exercises.